Solving Problems of Practice Through TPACK

Getting to know the TPACK Framework is an essential element of our MAET Program. The framework outlines the essential instructional design elements for creating rich and meaningful learning experiences. The Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Framework focuses on the intentional and purposeful meshing of the context in which an educator is teaching and the following three areas:

  • Content Knowledge- A teacher’s knowledge of the content they need to teach.
  • Pedagogical Knowledge- A teacher’s knowledge about the best pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Technology Knowledge- A teacher’s knowledge and understanding about the purposeful integration of technology in education.

As an avenue to better understand this framework, we worked in partnerships to share and address some of our specific problems of practice. Each person in our partnerships shared a problem with the other that we would like to gain some insight and resources for addressing the issue. We then applied the Design Thinking Process in order to tackle the problem ourselves.

The following is a link to the document I used to plan, organize and address my partner’s problem of practice. In the end, we were both very happy with the ideas we generated and felt that our decisions were well informed. Enjoy!

Problems of Practice Process Document


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