Who am I?

I am a fourth grade teacher who is passionate about teaching, learning and inspiring those around me. I love my job and truly believe in the power of IMG_1672knowledge and inquiry. When creating learning experiences, I strive to make every lesson meaningful and effective in the most efficient way. I have an appetite for reaching higher and stretching further. Because of that, I understand the value and necessity for educational technology integration. I am so motivated and inspired by the endless possibilities of teaching in the digital age. This motivation is what led me to join the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program at Michigan State University.


What personal and professional goals do I hope to meet through the MAET program?

When I think about my goals as an educator and as a citizen of the world, in correlation to what I expect to achieve in participating in the MAET program, three words come to mind: quality, purpose and pride. Education should always be the best quality possible. When I am teaching, I want to be the best. When I am learning, I want to learn from the best. It has been a dream of mine for a large portion of my life to attend Michigan State University; A dream to feel the pride of being a Michigan State Spartan and to carry the responsibility of that legacy with me throughout all of my endeavors, both personal and professional. That said, I couldn’t just pick any program in the MSU catalog. Although I am confident that anything MSU has to offer is of premium quality, it was important to me that I founspartand a graduate program that spoke to me as an educator. While many of my colleagues are motivated to earn their graduate degrees for the pay raise alone, I couldn’t imagine spending the time or money on a degree unless I were completely invested in it and inspired by it. I was looking for something that would enhance my purpose as an educator. As a teacher still early in my career, with so many years ahead of me, I knew that I would need to choose a graduate degree that could open doors and create paths of endless possibilities. I believe that the MAET will do just that. I thrive on the ever changing state of education in the digital age and feel very passionate about the importance of reaching as many learners as possible, by as many avenues as possible. I have no doubt in my mind that I can count on Michigan State University to equip me with the knowledge and resources necessary to do just that.